Agro Fert International

Agro Fert International trades bulk fertilizer commodities, including potash, sulphur, urea, and rock phosphate, both as raw materials and as finished goods. The company is authorized to trade in agricultural commodities, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and building materials in addition to its primary business of fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials.  we also assist them with logistics by chartering vessels on their behalf.

Our Vision
In the various nations we serve, we will establish ourselves as the most reliable business partner.

To foster business partnerships,
we provide top-notch fertilizer
goods and services.

Reliability and quality

At Agro, we value each person’s uniqueness and
strive hard to create a setting that encourages deep,
lasting connections.


We think that our consumers should always receive the finest from us.
We will keep our word and fight for
the success of our clients.

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